Voices for climate[1][1]

The “Voices for Climate” auditoriums are devoted to the exhibition and presentation of conferences, discussions, cultural social and artistic activities related to environmental and climate change issues. There are 8 auditoriums, located in different areas of the Jockey Club of Peru.

- One “Main” Auditorium (Maximum capacity: 600 people)
- One “Vivero” (Garden Center/Nursery)Auditorium (Maximum capacity: 200 people)
- Five thematic auditoriums (Maximum capacity: 80 people each)

  • “Bosques” (Forests) Auditorium
  • “CiudadesSostenibles” (Sustainable Cities)Auditorium
  • “Energia” (Energy) Auditorium
  • “Oceanos” (Oceans) Auditorium
  • “Montañas y Agua” (Mountains and Water) Auditorium

- One Auditorium for Indigenous Peoples (Capacity: 150 people)

Conditions for users applying for a space to organize events

Spaces shall be rented to the users according to the following list of prices.



01 Main auditorium International institutions:

National private institutions:

National public institutions:

$ 2, 000

$ 1, 700


05 thematic auditoriums International institutions:

National private institutions:

National public institutions:

$ 1, 500

$ 500


01 Vivero auditorium International institutions:

National private institutions:

National public institutions:

$ 1, 600

$ 1, 000


01 Indigenous Peoples Auditorium Free

The minimum rental period is two (2) hours. If more time is needed, similar two-hour periods may be requested by the user.

The two (2) hours shall comprise:

- Before starting the event, 10 minutes for entering and receiving the event’s audience.
- One hour and a half for the event.

  • After the event, 20 minutes for the audience to leave the auditorium, and to clean it. The ORGANIZER shall be in charge of the cleaning.
  • Auditoriums shall have a series of events, thus once the agreed time has been completed, the managing company will deemed the exhibition as finished, turning off the digital media it had provided and/or the power supply, and will immediately start cleaning the auditorium.

- The User and the Managing company “Voices for Climate Consortium” -comprised by the companies:TécnicasMetálicas SAC, Yellow SAC andAdministradora de Espacios y Exhibiciones SAC- shall signed the Agreement. Such Consortium has ben awarded within the framework of the corresponding competitive process, promoted by the UN Development Program-UNDP.
- Users are responsible for promoting their events. They may use the COP20 logo for that purpose.

Download the full agreement and the regulations for space rental HERE

Contrato Alquileres Auditorios Feria Climatica by COP20 Lima

Technical specifications:

  • Each auditorium is rented to each user with all the service and equipment conditions necessary for its proper functioning. During the events, there will be technical and logistical staff available for the users.
  • After each event, the auditorium’s furniture shall be cleaned and organized by the cleaning staff.
  • Download the technical specifications and the contact list for each one of the auditoriums HERE:

Especificaciones Técnicas by COP20 Lima

Catering service

  • For hiring catering services you shall coordinate with the logistical contact of each auditorium.
  • The orders shall be confirmed once the payment is done. Limit date for hiring and paying services is November 24, 2014.
  • Current Account in US dollars: Banco de Crédito del Peru (BCP), Charlotte S.A. 194-1074681-1-72.

Download catering options HERE:

Servicios en los auditorios: Cocktails by COP20 Lima