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Indigenous Pavilion


Based on the signed agreement between MINAM-COICA-AIDESEP of April 2014, a project, with the support of the Norwegian government, is being implemented destined to promote the participation and proposals of the indigenous peoples in the global climate processes through the spaces established in the “Pavilion of the Indigenous Peoples in the COP20-UNFCCC”, whose descriptive synthesis can be downloaded here:

Anexo 1 Pabellon Indigena COP20 by COP20 Lima

The Indigenous Pavilion facilitates exhibition spaces in every visual and artistic format and auditoriums and thematic panels for the indigenous peoples in two places:

  • COP20 Venue
  • Voices for Climate

In Voices for Climate, the indigenous peoples’ maloca will gather several organizations and representatives from indigenous peoples in Peru and the world over. Indigenous Peoples will express their initiatives and knowledge on climate change.

The project is executed based on a specific technical staff; the administration of the UNDP and in close coordination between COICA, MINAM and the UNDP.

For more information on how to access these spaces, download the Communication Nº1 on the Indigenous Pavilion here:

Indigenous Peoples present in the global climate challenges by COP20 Lima