Climate learning and awareness


Voices for Climate was a key event to raise awareness on environmental care among citizens. The climate fair showed a creative and playful scenario, with scientific information, specialized exhibitions, a cultural agenda and art and science shows, spaces that contributed to inform about the COP20 efforts.

As a result, through practical and simple solutions, Voices for Climate introduced a global general concern in the public agenda: climate change.

The General Direction for Education, Culture and Environmental Citizenship considers that the most valuable contributions have to do with democratization and access to information on relevant environmental issues (energy, sustainable cities, oceans, mountains and water, forests), all climate change related.

Even though this fair was conducted in Lima, technology will be used to make information available for other scopes or segments of the population (transcending spaces) and to replicate it in the future (transcending time). Furthermore, it brought together different media and opinion leaders around environmental subjects.

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