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What did Voices for Climate left for us?


With approximately 100 thousand visitors, “Voices for Climate” was a parallel and complementary space to the official venue for negotiations, which was destined to the public in general and located in the Jockey Club del Perú.

The fair aimed at raising awareness in the student and educational community for them to value and respect the environment. Furthermore, information was provided for the citizenship in general in order to explain, scientifically but in an understandable way, how protecting the planet’s natural resources improves life quality and assures the wellbeing of future generations.

Considered a milestone in environmental public events, the activities developed in the climate space were framed within the National Environmental Education Policy.

Voices for Climate in numbers:

  • The “Voices for Climate” fair received 80 thousand visitors between December 1 and 12;
  • Total space: 24 688m2 of Fair;
  • 6 emblematic pavilions (subject + threshold), mounted in an area of more than 4 000 m2;
  • 114 institutional stands exhibited;
  • 7 auditoriums hosting 404 conferences, presentations, theater plays, concerts, ceremonies and other events.
  • Indigenous communities had a special auditorium, the Indigenous Dome, the Dining Area and a space for craft shows.;
  • Presence of 143 educational institutions;
  • 25 authorities and visiting personalities;
  • Implementation of a volunteer program (with 2020 college students);
  • Indigenous communities had an Indigenous Auditorium, the indigenous Dome, the dinning area and a space for craft shows;
  • The Indigenous Maloca received more than 35 thousand visitors;

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