Ocean Pavilion


The following messages were conveyed:

  • Oceans are a source of life. Because of their biodiversity and productivity in the outcrop areas, they have a high economic value, providing a great variety of ecosystem services supporting societies.
  • We have an ancient marine culture. Since ancient times coastal communities have received the benefits of the sea.
  • Oceans are also threatened by climate change. We all should change our vision of the sea, and take actions to protect and conserve it.
  • Ocean future is in our hands. It is time to act to reduce pollution and climate change effects in oceans and to increase their resilience.
  • Peru has the challenge to increase research and access to information on sea subjects and their relation to climate change, to make right decisions and adapt to its potential impacts.

Modules of the Pavilion:

Cube under the sea
Area in which a video of the ocean and the impact it suffers due to climate change was displayed in the four sides of a cube.
Imagen 46 - Cubo bajo el mar

What is being done in Peru?
In this module a large led screen was exhibited showing effects similar to sea waves, and offering information on what is happening in the Peruvian ocean, and how it is affected by climate change.
Imagen 47 -

Plastic Soup
In this are a sculpture made of recycled plastic was exhibited. The experience shows, in a conceptual manner, how plastic waste accumulates in the ocean. In the middle of the sculpture 3 screens were installed projecting videos of the real plastic soup.

What is being done in the world?
This module is a hallway between the sea and the continents, where visitors could find information on what are the countries doing to stop climate change impacts on oceans.
Imagen 49 - Sopa de Plastico

Niño Phenomenon
In this module, the history of the Niño phenomenon was presented, from colonial times to our days. It is evidenced how the phenomenon’s effects have intensified due to climate change. Moreover, visitors were able to feel the temperatures of El Niño and La Niña phenomena.
Imagen 50 - Fenomeno

What can I do? In this module an actor showed in a very simple way, what each of us can do for oceans facing climate change.
Imagen 51 - Qu hacer yo