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Mountains and Water Pavilion

monstañas y agua

During the tour through the “Mountains” Pavilion, the following messages were conveyed:

  • Learn from the mountain. 850 million people depend on these ecosystems worldwide. They comprise 25% of the planet’s surface.
  • Value the mountain. Mountain ecosystem as a key piece for world development: source of life, ecosystem services, living cultures.
  • Act for the mountain. Mountains, water and climate change: from understanding to action. Promoting initiatives, sharing experiences: adaptation and mitigation.

Modules of the “Mountain” Pavilion

The great Apacheta
It evidences visitors’ respect, trust and gratefulness facing paths only known by the mountains. With the Apacheta, a link with nature was reestablished in order to ask the mountains to protect our paths, but also to protect us from the changes that are occurring.
Imagen 40 - La gran Apacheta

Water, glaciers and basins area
Panel in which information on glaciers was provided, as well as on how they are being affected by climate change, which also has an impact on water availability. Samples of water from several water bodies of the country were exhibited.
Imagen 41 - Zona de agua, glaciares y cuencas

Agrobiodiversity and food diversity area
Panel in which several products obtained from the mountains –which are key for food security, especially of neighboring communities- were exhibited.
Imagen 42 - Zona de agrobiodiversidad

Area of risk management in a climate change context
Panel in which a wheel was exhibited explaining risk management elements within a climate change context. In the roof there were umbrellas representing the protection provided by international agreements.
Imagen 43 - Zona de Gestion del riesgo en un contexto de CC

Arpilleras (Peruvian burlap artwork)
Textile artwork made by people from the High Andes of Peru representing their experiences and daily life; which are related with all they receive from the mountain.
Imagen 44 - LasArpilleras