Forests Pavilion


The following messages were conveyed:

  • Forests are sources of life and development, because they provide great environmental and social benefits.
  • Despite their value and significance, forests are threatened by human activity and climate change.
  • There are solutions to this situation, such as value forests, paying for environmental services, among others. Specifically, forests are a key part of the climate change solution.
  • Citizens’ contribution to stop climate change is essential. Responsible attitudes and actions are key to make a difference.

Modules of the Pavilion

Let us look at the forest, not the tree 
Panel in which pictures of six types of forest were exhibited. When turning the pictures, visitors could find the ecosystem features, in terms of flora, temperature and location.

imagen 9 - Miremos al bosque, no el arbol

Wheel of services
This module presented a wheel showing the services provided by forests.

Imagen 10 - Ruedo de servicios

Problem and solution forests 
This module exhibited three trees, where solutions to save forests from climate change effects were presented, in Peru and worldwide.

imagen 11 - Bosque de problemas y soluciones
Reflection Forest 
This module presented a tour in the Peruvian Amazon area. Stools were included creating spaces to rest, discuss and reflecting. Besides, during the whole tour images of endangered animals were displayed.

Iamgen 12 - Bosques de

Cube tree
This module presented a video mapping (projected on a great tree made of boxes), summarizing what was presented in the Pavilion.

imagen 13 - arbol de cubos