Threshold Pavilion


An introductory pavilion to welcome visitors. Its objective is providing general context on climate change issues at a national level and worldwide.

Modules of the Threshold Pavilion:

Leave/recover your impressions
Visitors were able to write their comments, leave their messages, their voices, expressing how they feel about climate change affecting the planet. Messages were typed in tablets that were installed in the threshold pavilion’s entrance, they were saved in a database, and then they were sent over the internet to the second part of the module, where messages were projected in large screens.

Imagen 1 - deja tu mensaje

CO2 Tour
Through a series of panels, visitors discovered what would happen if we managed to reduce CO2 and the consequences if we fail to do it.

imagen 2 - paseo de CO2

What is being done in the world?
Visitors could walk around the world to know the process made in the world’s negotiations on climate change.

imagen 3 - EL Mundo

Adaptation puzzle
A mechanic puzzle, showing possible climate change adaptation actions.

Rompecabezas de adaptacion- imagen 4

To measure how much visitors learned about climate change, screens with general questions on the subject were installed.
Likewise, at the end of each pavilion, a similar trivia was displayed, with questions on the specific subject.
Trivias - imagen 5
What is Peru doing?
A tour showing the situation of Peru facing climate change and the actions that have been developed.

imagen 6

What can I do?
A great container with 3 scale models of a house was presented, aiming at reflecting on simple actions that may be carried out by anyone to address climate change at home.

imagen 7

Rest area
A hollow area or small amphitheater was implemented with room to rest. Moreover, there was a LED screen broadcasting the activities conducted in the venue and other interesting videos.

Zona de Descanzo - imagen 8