Foto General 4

The pavilion area was the creative and interactive space of 5 000m2, where the visitors had the opportunity to learn about climate change and its relationship with the 5 emblematic subjects prioritized by Peru:

Questions such as: what and who causes climate change, what consequences does it have, what are we doing, what should we do to prevent more emissions and to adapt to its consequences, were asked in the thematic pavilions in a playful, educational and experiential way.



The space was made with a bioclimatic concept, with great skylights in the ceiling, which allowed taking advantage of the southern winds to keep a cool environment, and provided enough indirect natural light to watch the exhibition without turning on electric lights during 8 of the 12 daily hours it was opened to the public.

Reusable and recyclable materials, such as containers and pallets, were considered, as well as LED energy-efficient lamps.