Lima COP20 | CMP 10 / Voices for Climate

Voices for Climate


Voices for Climate was conducted from December 01 to 12, 2014, aiming at generating a space for participation, dialogue and learning on climate change issues, allowing everybody to be part of the Twentieth Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP20 and the Tenth Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol – CMP10.

The government of Peru, as the host of the COP20-CMP10, welcomed thousands of national and international visitors, providing several spaces to inform, educate and raise awareness among citizens and the public in general on the significance of climate change, and how it is linked to the five prioritized emblematic subject in the Peruvian domestic environmental agenda: Forests, Sustainable Cities, Energy, Mountains and Water, Oceans.

Voices for Climate was a friendly, creative and leisure venue, and at the same time it included scientific, technique and specialized proposals and initiatives, and a rich cultural and artistic agenda.

The specific objectives of Voices for Climate were:

  • Facilitating spaces for dialogue and gathering different audiences and stakeholders.
  • Observing the progress, initiatives and multisectoral proposals of the environmental sector, and the different sectors of the State, civil society, and private sector on climate change issues.
  • Raising awareness on the Climate Change issues and prioritized emblematic issues in the domestic climate agenda.

The fair targeted:

  • The citizenship and public in general
  • Delegations of countries Parties and observing organizations of the COP20
  • International cooperation agencies
  • Academic institutions, school and college students, professionals, teachers and researchers
  • Local, regional and international environmental and development non-governmental organizations
  • Private Sector, including corporations and micro and small enterprises (MSEs)
  • Public Sector, representatives of the central and sub-national governments
  • National and International media

Voices for Climate was mounted in the Jockey Club del Perú, in Santiago de Surco – Lima, in and approximate area of 20, 000 m2. It had an area of Thematic pavilions that were available in an area introducing the climate change subject and other pavilions reflecting the reality and opportunities of Forests, Sustainable Cities, Energy, Mountains and Water, and Oceans, within a climate change context. Each thematic pavilion had its own auditorium.

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The following were added to these thematic pavilions:

  • Two auditoriums of a great capacity;
  • An area of indigenous peoples’ representatives of the region, which had an Indigenous Dome, an auditorium, and a space for presenting native products;
  • A stand area;
  • food court, where besides offering food, there was a live broadcast of what was happening in the negotiations held in the COP20 official venue;
  • The tunnel area – artistically designed by a Cultural Association;
  • Several areas for cultural and artistic shows;
  • A parking lot for bikes and cars; and
  • Specially conditioned areas for catering services, among others.

Furthermore, there was a volunteer system, with volunteers specially selected, who were trained to provide guide and interpretation services to the participants, and with a permanent security system.

Each one of the institutions, organizations and people involved in Voices for Climate contributed with their participation and engagement to its success, and to the great impact it caused in the country, experience that the Peruvian Government expects to replicate permanently in Peru, and it is planned to be adopted by the COP21 in France.