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The public consultation process


Peru has pledged to engage all stakeholders and the citizenship in general in the response to address climate change. Thus, Contributions are an opportunity to listen proposals of the public sector, private sector, NGOs, Indigenous peoples’ associations, women organizations, universities, youth organizations and civil society.

At least 4 informative meetings will be held during the INDCs preparation process, which will allow adding stakeholders’ opinions and inputs. Furthermore, a public consultation will be conducted through a form that would be available in MINAM’s website, which will allow collecting inputs, observations and proposals from all sectors and stakeholders.

This space will have all INDC-related information of Peru, aiming at providing clarity, transparency and understanding to the process, trying to become a public space that can be freely accessed, which will allow watching the country’s endeavors to fight climate change.

Contributions to the National Contribution proposals

a. Create your national contribution proposal.

Contributions from/to the document on Mitigation issues: Annex 1 – A.
Contributions from/to the document on Adaptation issues: Annex 1 – B.

b. Register your initiative to contribute to the National Contribution

It refers to initiatives or projects that contribute to increase ambitious greenhouse gas emission reduction commitments (mitigation) and risk management commitments to address climate change (adaptation) in the country, considering the following criteria:

  • They have supporting information, which allows setting goals.
  • Initiatives address vulnerability of a sector / ecosystem / population due to climate change and it is feasible to propose indicators, or they contribute to emission reduction or carbon capture.
  • Goals have a responsible entity in charge of implementing them.
  • It is feasible to implement them in the INDC assessment horizon.
  • Improving the country’s competitiveness by generating economic, social and environmental benefits.
  • Initiatives may be grouped in a program or project and they will be recorded as a single initiative; otherwise, if they are differentiated actions, each of them shall be reported separately with this same form. We recommend you to read the instructions and to review all proposed actions before answering.

To register initiatives and projects on mitigation issues: Annex 2 – A
To register initiatives and projects on Adaptation issues: Annex 2 – B

c. Through voluntary citizen commitments

In addition, all citizens may participate of the National Contribution process, by sending voluntary commitments that will support increasing the national ambition to reduce emissions. These commitments may be related to water saving issues, responsible energy consumption, biodiversity, solid waste management, agriculture, sustainable transportation and carbon footprint, and they may be submitted through the initiative “Do your part”: http://www.

For further information on the public consultation process, write