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Third Week of Climate Commitment


The Ministry of the Environment, in its role as the President of the COP20/CMP10, will conduct the Third Week of Climate Commitment from November 02 to 06, aiming at generating a last space for debate, awareness, communication and exchange of experiences among different sectors and stakeholders, before the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2015, COP21/CMP11, in December in Paris.

This third week represents an endeavor to visualize the route towards the COP21in a participative, planned and organized way; and to show the progress made by Peru in the creation of a domestic agenda, presenting with it the proposals and commitments that the country will bring to Paris.
The Third Week of Climate Commitment will be a space to exchange information, thoughts and experiences among state and non-state actors that will allow showing Peru’s work as a leader in the construction of a climate responsible country, work developed in articulation with different sectors and across the different sectors of the government.

Among the subjects to be discussed this week, and as part of the Assessment of Peru’s Environmental Performance, valuable information will be provided for policy-generation and decision-making that will allow achieving synergies among the national plans by MINAM, with OCDE projects and recommendations and the agenda of necessary internal reforms to implement them, aiming at projecting an agenda for the long-term.