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First Week of Climate Commitment


The First Week of Climate Commitment was held from May 25 to 29 and it meant a first space for debate, where Peru could learn the achievements and challenges left by the COP20 and listen to the steps that are being taken as part of the domestic climate agenda strengthening aiming at the COP21.

This week had representatives of the Ministries of agriculture, the environment, economics, congressmen, trade unions, companies and institutions, educational institutions and the civil society, as protagonists.

A launching press conference started the Climate Commitment Weeks, where a brief statement was provided mentioning what was left by the COP20, and the Minister Pulgar – Vidal had the opportunity to present these Weeks and set the milestones towards the COP21. Besides, a video summarizing what was the COP20 and its main achievements.

Moreover, there were other activities aiming at promoting a vision of Peru as a climate responsible country and as the President of the COP in 2015; promoting an informed public debate on key subjects of the domestic agenda, particularly on mitigation, adaptation and low-carbon development; generating a participative and inclusive process to prepare the National Contributions; increasing the information flow and knowledge on environmental and climate issues with the different stakeholders; encouraging a positive attitude towards protecting the environment and fighting against climate change among the citizens and civil society; engaging the private sector and public entities to implement the best environmental practices.

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