Lima COP20 | CMP 10 / The Gender and Climate Change Action Plan / 2. Legal and Regulatory Framework

2. Legal and Regulatory Framework


The formulation process of PAGCsC-Peru was made in the context of:

  • Law No. 28983 on Equal Opportunities between Women and Men which addresses the issues related to the vulnerability to climate change and provides guidelines to i) promote access to productive, financial and scientific-technological resources and loans for production and land titling particularly to women living in poverty, taking into account the ethnic-cultural geographical and linguistic diversity and the areas affected by political violence and ii) promoting socio-economic and political participation of rural, indigenous, amazonian and afro peruvian women as well as their integration in the decision areas of community organizations, production associations and others.
  • National Plan for Gender Equality (PLANIG 2012-2017) which in strategic objective 8, states that public policies should “assess the contribution of women in the sustainable management of natural resources” and establishes some actions on issues related to climate change such as disaster risk management (outcome 8.2 and 8.4), access and use of natural resources by women (water, soil, forests and technologies, outcome 8.3 and 8.5); and the use of clean technologies in residential combustion processes (outcome 8.7). Also outcome 8.1 provides for the application of the gender perspective in environmental management at the three levels of government.