Lima COP20 | CMP 10 / The Gender and Climate Change Action Plan

The Gender and Climate Change Action Plan


The Gender and Climate Change Action Plan is a public policy instrument that seeks to guide the action of different organizations from the Peruvian State within the framework of its powers related to mitigation and adaptation to climate change contribute to equality between men and women in eight prioritized issues: Forests, Water, Energy, Food Safety, Solid Waste, Health, Education and Risk Management.

This plan links the national policy and international agreements in a specific and synergistic manner, and proposes multisectoral interventions built in a collective and consensual manner. The PAGCC-Peru has the potential to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the country’s response against the effects of climate change and the challenges of sustainable development.

Peru is the first country in South America and the number nineteen in the world to develop its Gender and Climate Change Action Plan.