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Routes and timetable Shuttle Service


Shuttle Service to the COP20

A complimentary transport service will be provided between selected conference shuttle hubs and the venue, at the Cuartel General del Ejército – CGEP, located in San Borja. Full services will operate from Tuesday, 25 November until Saturday, December 13, 2014.

Depending on the location of the respective shuttle hub, the frequency is planned from 10-15 minutes and from further away points 30-60 minutes.

On your first ride, a copy of the acknowledgement letter from the online registration system (ORS) should be brought to identify participants in order to access this service. After receiving your badge, this will be the identification you need to present when boarding the vehicles, in order to have full access to the shuttle service.
All participants are expected to wear their badges visibly at all times. If you lose your badge, please report this to the Registration Counter immediately.

Check the available shuttle service routes and timetable to and from COP20 Venue here

Shuttle Hubs Locations:

      • Route 1:


Route1 cuadro

      • Route 2:


Route2 cuadro

      • Route 3:


Route3 cuadroROUTE3

      • Route 4:

Route4 cuadro


      • Route 5:

Route5 cuadro


      • Route 6:

Route6 cuadro


      • Route 7:

Route7 cuadro


  • Hub Timetable:

Horario paraderos / Hub Timetable by COP20 Lima

  • Venue Timetable:

Horarios Recinto COP20 / Venue Timetable by COP20 Lima