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Lima Climate Action Day


Pre-2020 climate action requires, as a priority, the fulfillment of existing obligations under the Convention and the Kyoto Protocol. Additionally, State and non-state actors should continue to identify, scale-up and assess new opportunities with high mitigation potential.

The government of Peru, as COP 20 Presidency, is committed to support the needed acceleration of climate action and give recognition to all actors in their role to combat climate change.

As part of a series of activities, Peru will convene an innovative high level dialogue between parties, UNFCCC bodies and non-state actors in order to:

  • Promote engagement and support by Global Leaders to strengthen pre-2020 climate action as a strong foundation for the post-2020 Climate Agreement.
  • Encourage the implementation of existing climate commitments by parties and other commitments made non-state actors.


  • Lima Climate Action High Level Meeting

Date and time: 11 December, 10 am – 12:30pm

Download Lima Climate Action High Level Meeting Agenda HERE

Lima Climate Action High Level Meeting by COP20 Lima

  • Special Event hosted by the COP20/ CMP10 Presidency: “Follow-up on commitments to Accelerate Climate Action”

Date and time: 11 December, 13pm – 15pm

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Follow-up on Non-state Actors commitments on Climate Action by COP20 Lima

Download Lima Climate action highlight agenda HERE

Agenda Lima COP 20 by COP20 Lima