We need to give more support to scientific research in the country
Published on 06-10-2014

UN-REDD Programme REDD+ Academy

We held a conversation with Tim Christophersen, who coordinates the work on forests and climate change at the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) about the UN-REDD Programme REDD+ Academy....

  • WorldFish
    Published on 31-10-2014

    Growing aquaculture in sustainable ecosystems

    Photo by WorldFish. Driven by increasing population, wealth, and the health benefits of seafood, demand for finfish and shellfish exceeds estimated total sustainable catch of wild fish by nearly 100 percent (TEEB 2010). Due to high local demand and temperatures, aquaculture is and will probably...

  • From Trey Ratcliff at www.stuckincustoms.com
    The World Moves Forward
    Published on 31-10-2014

    Climate change mitigation. What do we do?

    Photo by Trey Ratcliff Climate change is a fact of life. We need to act urgently if we are to avoid an irreversible build-up of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and global warming at a potentially huge cost to the economy and society worldwide.  The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development...

  • ggg
    Published on 31-10-2014

    Mitigation needs adaptation: Tropical forestry and climate change

    By Manuel Guariguata, Principal Scientist and Regional Coordinator for Latin America, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR); Jonathan P. Cornelius, Regional Coordinator for Latin America at World Agroforestry Centre - ICRAF; Bruno Locatelli, Principal Investigator, Center for...

  • Infogrfa CC (12)
    Sustainable Cities
    Published on 31-10-2014

    (Spanish) Variabilidad climática en el Perú

    Sorry, this entry is only available in Spanish.

  • monkey
    Published on 29-10-2014

    Forests in a changing climate: A sourcebook for integrating REDD+ into academic programmes

      One important element of the climate change mitigation discussions is the role of forests and specifically the internationally agreed activities for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation while promoting conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancing...