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Knowledge Management

The process leading up to the COP20, the event itself and the post COP process are spaces where vast amounts of information and knowledge are generated, as well as spaces of exchange of information among the main stakeholders involved in the negotiations and decision making processes regarding the responses to climate change.

The goal of the knowledge management sector is to develop through a systematization of information, a useful and solid knowledge base that enables the dissemination of existing knowledge, placing key subjects in the national and international agenda and generating informed and dynamic public debate in which researchers, experts, analysts, politicians, editors, journalists, personalities and opinion leaders, as well as other key actors, are involved.

The Knowledge Management website CK4A is an interactive tool to promote the systematized dissemination of existing knowledge, promoting its use at many levels and by many different actors –directly and indirectly– involved in the process. It is also an opportunity to strengthen the work conducted by actors working with the Stakeholder Task Force as this is mainly conformed by organizations and firms that are generating knowledge and this is a space to highlight this knowledge.