On Friday, October 16th,  the ArtClima contest jury composed of Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Minister of Environment; Alicia Kuroiwa, biologist and coordinator of the Wildlife Conservation Society; David Flores Time, independent curator; Ishmael Randall Weeks, plastic artist and Nicholas Tarnawiecki curator of the Luis Miro Quesada Garland gallery, chose the project presented by Elisenda Estrems as the winner.

The project involves an action that will take place in December in Paris, in the public space parallel to the COP21. It is a procession where a large block of ice will be carried on a traditional Peruvian walking altar, which will melt as time passes and progress in its route. It will be accompanied by a small band of traditional worship music of Apus or Andean celebrations propitiatory of a good year.

With this artistic work, Elisenda Estrems seeks to portray the environmental problems of the deglaciation of snowcapped peaks in the Peruvian Andean highlands, with traditional elements of Andean and Christian religiosity worshiping the sacred.

This project was selected from proposals that included photographs, sculpture, video, installation and sound art. The jury noted the relevance of the approach of the artist, its artistic value and potential ability to convene and sensitize the pedestrian.