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National communications

Through National Communications, Peru complies with its commitment to inform the Member Countries on their emissions and catch levels of Greenhouse Effect Gases, as well as the measures that it has adopted or that it plans to adopt for applying the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Peru presented its First National Communication to the Parties of the Convention in June 2001, and its Second National Communication in 2010, which gathers the initiatives developed in adaptation and mitigation nationwide by public, private entities and the civil society, related to the climate change.

The Second National Communication on Climate Change reflects Peru’s effort and commitment in the fight against climate change to ensure that current and future generations enjoy an adequate quality of life. The country assumes that this effort must be accompanied by a solid and ambitious international commitment, in order to stabilize the greenhouse effect gas concentration at levels not interfering with the climate system required by the mankind for survival.

The Second National Communication meant the participatory work of public sectors and organizations related to the national development. It managed that key entities such as the Ministries of Energy and Mines, Agriculture, Transportation and Economy and Finance, among other institutions, assume commitments related to the execution of surveys and will participate in training activities and dissemination of the information on climate change.

In October 2013, the Third National Communication started. It will allow the country not only to comply with the international commitment to report progress on the climate change management to UNFCCC, but also to articulate projects’ efforts and ongoing initiatives.

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