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Peru: Organizer of COP20


Where will COP20 take place?

COP20 will take place at the Army General Headquarters in the San Borja district in Lima, from Monday 1 December through Friday 12 December 2014.

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Who is in charge of organizing COP20?

1. Supreme Decree Nº 007-2013-MINAM (published on July 16 2013) declared of national interest the organization of the Twentieth Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – COP 20, and the “Tenth Session of the Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Convention – CMP 10”, as well as of their related activities and events. Article 3 provided the makeup of a Multi-Sector Task Force (GTM, in Spanish) incharge ofthe following:

a) Preparing, organizing, directing, controlling, supervising and evaluating integral management of activities related to COP20and CMP10 and their related activities and events.

b) Coordinating execution and equipment of physical infrastructurefor COP20 and CMP10, and their related activities and events.

c) Coordinating implementation of technological services forCOP20 and CMP10, and their related activities and events.

d) Coordinating with public and private sector entities in Peru and abroad in connection to COP20 and CMP10, and their related activities and events.

e) Any otherscommissioned to them.

The Multi-Sector Task Force (GTM) has been created to organize this event. It is chaired by the Ministry of the Environment and is made up by:

  • Ministry of the Environment (Chair)
  • Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Ministryof Foreign Affairs
  • Ministryof Defense
  • Ministryof Internal Affairs
  • Ministryof Health
  • Ministryof Agricultureand Irrigation
  • Ministryof Production
  • Ministryof Foreign Trade and Tourism
  • Ministryof Transportation and Communication
  • Ministryof Housing, Construction and Sanitation
  • Ministryof Culture
  • Metropolitan Municipalityof Lima
  • District Municipality of San Borja
  • Ministryof Energyand Mines
  • Peruvian Agency for International Cooperation

2. Ministry Resolution R.M. Nº 264-2013-MINAM dated 06.09.2014establishes MINAM’s internal organization towards COP20 in three components:

(a) Diplomaticor Negotiation Component

  • Representative for Climate Change and Negotiations Coordinator from the Ministry of the Environment: Rosa Morales Saravia
  • Negotiations Team Responsible Officials: Special Representative of Peru for Climate Change, Director of negotiations and Ambassador from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Jorge Voto-Bernales:

(b) Public Front Component

(c) Organization and Logistics Component.

(d) The Communication and Knowledge Management Component and the Internal Climate Agenda cut across these components.

3- Supreme Resolution R.S. N°003-2014-MINAM dated 7.06.2014 contemplates the creation of Task Forces Complementary to GTM:

  • Enabling and Supplementary Installations
  • Equipment and Furniture
  • Space rental
  • Risk Management
  • Protocol, visas and negotiation of the Headquarters’ Agreement
  • Security Measures for Delegates
  • Accommodations for Delegates
  • Transportation for Delegates
  • Support Services (Tourism, Translations, Health, and Religious Services)