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05-12-2015 Cop20 news

Environmental activists and celebrities joint their voices on the Action Day at COP21


Paris, December 5.- COP21’s Action Day gathered together movie stars, a Nobel laureate, recognized scientists and business captains to send a message to bring the world together: we must commit and act now against climate change. Change is now and we need to act together.   

The opening ceremony was led by COP21’s President, Laurent Fabius; Christiana Figueres, the United Nations Climate Change Conference; Janos Pasztor, Under Secretary General of the United Nations for Climate Change and Peru’s Minister of the Environment Manuel Pulgar-Vidal. Several presentations followed by various celebrities and environmental activists who sent their messages to sensitize decision makers who will be charged with coming up with a climate agreement underlining the urgency to act on climate change now.    

In his remarks, Minister Pulgar-Vidal said ‘Action, means movement and change (…) the best way to create action towards climate change is by recognizing all the stakeholders involved including industry, the financial sector, civil society and indigenous community’, he said.

Along the same line, Sean Penn, the world known American actor and founder of JP Haitian Relief Organization, said  “the days of dreaming have left the way to the days for doing, we must not be scared of launching commitments that we would have to honor. I would like to ask you to join us so that we can be scrutinized in future by our children".

A former US vice-president and Peace Nobel Laureate, Al Gore, joined his voice to call attention on the impacts of global warming on the other side of the Atlantic. "We see how there is growing determination to say we are ready to make change", said Gore in his remarks.

The event was also attended by Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo, her peer from Río de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, and former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, among others. 

Other well-known faces that have joined COP21 are business captain and philanthropic Bill Gates, musician and poet Patti Smith, and actors Robert Redford and Mark Ruffalo.

To conclude, the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon and French President, François Hollande, warned about the danger that a minimum agreement would imply for our planet.

The day closes the first round of negotiations. Efforts are made to improve involvement at a higher level by both government and non-government actors involved in climate action, and to recognize initiatives underway and future commitment by all actors and their role to fight climate change and honor the Lima-Paris Action Agenda commitments.  

The Action Day took place at Le Bourget, official headquarters of COP21 in Paris, and gathered over 1300 participants, including from States, businesses, cities and subnational entities, members of civil society and the media. Issues including vulnerability, risk prevention, forest, oceans, sustainable building, transportation, adaptation and resilience, energy efficiency and others were addressed.  



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