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01-12-2015 Cop20 news

Rising to the challenge: Collaborative action in forest to address climate change and promote sustainable development


Strong partnerships between state and non-state actors to enhance ambition. Collective aim to provide over $5 billion from 2015 to 2020 was announced.

Paris, 1 December 2015 – The Lima-Paris Action Agenda showcased today that the forest sector is a critical part of the answer to addressing climate change, that climate action is already underway, and that greater ambition is possible.

“It is only with bold commitments, leadership, cooperation and tenacity that it will be possible to safeguard the world’s forests (…. ) On such a vital subject, there can be no room for failure. It is very simple: we must save our forests, for there is no Plan B to tackle climate change or many of the other critical challenges that face humanity without them”, HRH The Prince of Wales at the opening of today’s forest session.

Governments from Africa, Asia and Latin America, together with a wide array of non-state actors, including companies, indigenous peoples and civil society actors, showcased important advances in implementation, new commitments to reduce forest-based emissions and the power of collaboration in delivering greater ambition on forests.

“Forest countries in partnership with other governments, the private sector and civil society are set for an increased international effort to eliminate deforestation and forest degradation in a few decades. The success of the LPAA and its action area on Forests relies on effective synergies between state and non-state actors, between investment and forest management - all together rallied behind sustainably managed forests as a common goal,” said Peru’s Minister of the Environment Manuel Pulgar-Vidal.

Approximately one billion people depend directly on forests for their livelihoods, and most of the remaining six billion of us depend on forests for the air we breathe, the rainfall that grows our food, and products we use every day.

“There’s no climate change solution without forests. We need to move beyond the speeches and declarations to accelerated implementation; but for that we need to have the right incentives in place. Performance-based finance is essential to achieve the ambition the world needs“, said Felipe Calderon, Former President of Mexico.

Several announcements were made at today’s session and at a Heads of States and Government session yesterday by partners of the LPAA, including:

New commitments by forest countries to increase their ambition and by developed countries to support new actions to reduce forest-based emissions.

  • Germany, Norway and the United Kingdom announced a collective aim to provide over $5 billion from 2015 to 2020, if forest countries demonstrate measured, reported and verified emission reductions.
  • Colombia in turn announced a commitment of $300 million with those same countries to deliver on its Amazon Vision and scale up its deforestation reduction efforts to the entire country. 
  • Mexico committed to expanding its initiative to reduce forest emissions to another 6 million ha in the country with international support, within a vision of scaling up its efforts to the rest of the country.

New commitments by non-state actors, demonstrating the power of acting in synergy to tackle climate change.

  • Major consumer product companies Marks & Spencer and Unilever signed a new pledge committing to prioritize responsible sourcing for major commodities, including palm oil, beef and paper.
  • Mondelez committed to invest US$400 million in the next decade to support the production of sustainable cocoa with zero net deforestation in Africa.
  • Itaipu Binational committed to restoring degraded forests in the area of influence of the dam that it manages, as part of a private-public partnership with the Government of Paraguay to restore and conserve 1M ha by 2030.

Renewed international leadership by forest countries. Building upon the results achieved to date, Brazil announced that, with the creation of the National REDD+ Commission and imminent approval of its REDD+ National Strategy, it will be the first country to be ready for results-based payments.


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