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30-11-2015 Cop20 news

Ollanta Humala participates in the High Level Event on Resilience at the COP21

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Paris, 30 October 2015. Today, Ollanta Humala, The President of Peru, participated in the high-level event on resilience convened by Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Secretary General, within the framework of the Paris COP21.

During the first day of climate meetings, Ban Ki-moon presented the A2R Initiative, which seeks to accelerate action to increase climate resilience, particularly in the most vulnerable countries and populations.

"Climate change is a reality to which all nations have to adapt. For developing countries this means an increased risk, which brings into play our needs for poverty reduction and economic growth," warned Humala.

The UN Secretary General said the A2R Initiative will bring together all stakeholders to forge synergies between adaptation and mitigation efforts, humanitarian action and development, increasing "critical capabilities to anticipate, absorb, reform."

Meanwhile, Humala emphasized the role of climate action in the Lima-Paris Action Agenda (LPAA), which recognizes the commitments and individual and collective actions aimed at reducing emissions towards a sustainable future.

"LPAA efforts will be enhanced with this new initiative of the Secretary General and help increase global collaboration in resilience, providing a global framework that will enable us to work together in order to reduce vulnerability, while at the same time we protect people and their livelihoods," said Humala.

Lastly, he stressed the need to implement actions to ensure "water quality, increase food security, reduce risks related to natural disasters and enhance the sustainability of our oceans."



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