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28-08-2015 Gallery

Children and adolescents engage and provide contributions on Climate Change in the II Environmental Dialogue


Lima, August 28.- Motivated for discussing issues of world’s interest in a privileged space, such as the National Library, yesterday morning a large group of 100 children and adolescent of several schools that have participated in Motivation Workshops, gathered during the II Environmental Dialogue , thanks to the coordination of the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) and the Ministry of Education (MINEDU).

“It is a pleasure to have spaces like this. You are not the future: you are the present and you are leaders; that is, you are the seeds that in a few years will be decision-makers, making decisions with responsibility and knowledge. So, “here you will be able to exchange your knowledge”, said Paola Patiño, Director for Environmental Education, Culture and Citizenship of MINAM.
Aiming at achieving an active participation by young people, encouraging organization and development of awareness-raising actions and education in their schools, family environment, neighborhoods, among others. These young people were selected from several educational institutions, after having participated in Motivational Workshops, and they presented a series of proposals and potential solutions to environmental issues in their communities to environmental and local authorities, thus generating commitment.

The main issues detected are: inadequate solid waste management, poor air quality, and the lack of awareness campaigns in their neighborhoods. To address these problems, the kids suggested including Environmental Education at school, and fostering corporate social responsibility by promoting appropriate waste disposal campaigns. In addition, an Urban Plan to Recover Public Spaces and compliance with environmental law were mentioned.

“We are going to inherit Peru, and we deserve a healthy country”, said Brenda Núñez Cotrina from Carabayllo. In his turn, Ronald Larico from Ate quoted Benjamin Franklin to prove that everybody has to be taken into account when it comes to environmental issues: “Involve me, and I learn”. Last but not lest, Luis Enrique Alomía from Carabayllo defended the idea that dreams and expectations have not to be a “future” issue if we start taking actions today to improve our environment.

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