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26-08-2015 Cop20 news

Minister Pulgar-Vidal participate in France in the Ambassadors’ Week towards COP21


Paris, August 26.- The Ministry of the Environment and President of the COP20, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal participated today in the “Ambassadors’ week” in Paris, France, together with the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius; in which the current status of the climate debate and negotiations towards the COP21 was presented to the French Ambassadors.

The Minister of the Environment presented on the actions and recommendation in the way towards the climate conference in Paris. “I’m totally sure that we will achieve the objective and we will be successful in the COP21. We are living a historical moment. Less than 100 days before the Conference in Paris, we will have the first sustainable development goals, and a framework for a new development paradigm. We have to work with conviction for a decarbonized future”, indicated Pulgar-Vidal.

Moreover, the President of the COP20 remarked the need to build a consensus from the bottom up, based on trust and transparency, including all stakeholders. “The time we have left before the COP21 in Paris, has to be considered an opportunity in which all stakeholders shall take actions”, he remarked.

In his turn, Ban Ki Moon, said that “at least we take global action to address climate change, we will not achieve a sustainable development. All actors have a role to play: climate action”.

Laurent Fabius, President of the COP21, mentioned that the Ambassador’s Conference will allow exchanging ideas on the means France has to mobilize and provide consistency to all external action levers, highlighting the significance of addressing climate change and of development policies.

The Conference, held from August 24 to 28 aims at emphasizing the different mechanisms and perspectives of France external action, such as the fight against climate change, economic and cultural diplomacy, tourism, development policy, crisis management, legal influence. Debates enable a better articulation among theses different dimensions with a single objective: contributing to France’s projection, influence and prosperity.

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