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25-08-2015 Cop20 news

“To mitigate climate change we need the private sector’s help”


Aiming at generating profitable and sustainable business opportunities that contribute to climate change management and forest conservation, today a working breakfast was held with the main representatives of business industries and businessmen in the country.

Marta Suber (ICRAF), Javier Perla (Libélula), Ofelia Harten (AFP Integra), Emma Rojas (Austral Group), Adriana Quiroz (7C / Perú 2011), Patricia Luna (PNCBMCC), Marco Llanos (PNUMA) and the Vice-Minister of Natural Resource Strategic Development, Gabriel Quijandría Acosta, participated in the event.

The panelists discussed on the role of private sector for climate change mitigation and Peru’s forest wealth conservation. Besides, they talked about the interest and limits of investment on forest carbon projects, and about the National Forest Conservation and Climate Change Strategy of PNCBMCC.

Within this framework, Patricia Luna (PNCBMCC) highlighted that “climate change is everybody’s problem. Today we want to invite you to reduce climate change, since we cannot do it alone. We need the contribution of the private sector”. With the same idea, Vice-Minister Quijandría ask the companies to invest on sustainability actions, since it is time to mitigate climate change and it will only be achieved with strategies that bring an economic and environmental benefit.

The event was organized by the National Forest Conservation Program to Mitigate Climate Change (PNCBMCC, in Spanish) of the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM) and the Project “Engaging the business sector for conservation” of PNUMA.

Watch the pictures of the event:







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