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28-04-2015 General

Scientific study finds increasing human influence on extreme climate events

Flickr: KrisKkrüg

Flickr: KrisKkrüg

Seventy five percent (75%) of extreme high temperatures registered around the world are a consequence of global warming. Moreover, climate change is “most probably” being caused by mankind, who is also responsible for 18% of extreme rain precipitation events on the planet.

This is the conclusion of recent research done by scientists at Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science, ETH Zurich University (Switzerland) and published in  Nature, a British magazine.

“Climate change includes not only changes in mean climate but also in weather extremes.  It has been shown there is human activity contributing to extreme heat waves and heavy precipitations,” Erich Fischer and Reto Knutti, the study authors, declared.

Last November, the most recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) stated global warming is a reality, mainly caused by mankind since the mid-twentieth century.

Moreover, the IPCC states that we must cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions between 40% and 70% by year 2050, and that, by the end of the century, there should be no emissions. This is the only way to reach the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change - UNFCCC’s key objective: to limit temperature increase to 2 ºC relative to the pre-industrial period.

Research published in Nature magazine warns that nearly 40% of extreme rain precipitation events might be the result of human activity in case temperatures increase 2 ºC relative to pre-industrial levels.

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