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28-04-2015 Cop20 news

UN and the Vatican believe fighting climate change is a “moral matter”


The vision on climate change presented by the United Nations and the Vatican at the end of the Forum entitled “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity” that took place at the Holy See is to deal with climate change as a moral issue and as a way to fight inequality among human beings.

“Mitigating climate change and adapting to its effects are necessary to eradicate extreme poverty, reduce inequality and secure equitable, sustainable, and economic development,” UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, said.

“Climate change is intrinsically linked to public health, water and food security, migration movements, peace, and security. This is a moral matter. This is an ethical matter of social justice and human rights,” he added.

For this reason, the UN Secretary General underscored that “science and religion are not at odds on climate change”; they should be “aligned on this matter” and reminded that “to transform our economies, however, we must first transform our thinking and our values.” This is where religion “might play a key role.”

A path to Paris

Ban reviewed the agenda for this year, which includes several forums on sustainable development and climate change, such as the International Conference on Financing for Development, in July, in Addis Ababa or the UN Summit on Sustainable Development to be held in December, in Paris.

“Paris is not a final destination, but a common path towards reaching consensus on climate change. We need a global agreement, fair and ambitious, and industrialized countries must be the first to take action as a matter of equality and historical responsibilities,” he said.


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