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11-11-2014 Cop20 news

Meet the climate surveillance center Casa de la Tierra in Mexico

Very few places in the world are able to show in such a clear, simple and fun way the effects of climate change in the different countries of the planet. Everything is detailed by year, with official information and a first-level explanation. We are referring to the climate surveillance center Casa de la Tierra, located in Mexico. The Communication Team of COP20 was inits headquarters in Puebla, the first of 16, and we got to know more about this important project.

Carlos Díaz-Leal is the international liaison of the Climate Institute, and he told us that the idea came from the Climate Institute’s Director for Mexico and Latin America, Rigoberto Acosta. “It was when we started building the high-altitude climate change observatory, and we had been measuring greenhouse gasses for five years. We needed a place where we could transfer all that information to the public, and so the idea to build a Casa de la Tierra was born”, he mentioned.

Afterwards, the project was enriched with the information provided by the NASA and The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) “to make information on changes generated by climate available for all citizens”.

“All information comes from the NOAA and NASA satellites, they work on that information and give it to us. It is on real and semi-real time. Currently we have 16 premises”, specified Díaz-Leal.


Casa de la Tierra has audiovisual information related to climate phenomenon, greenhouse gasses, environmental subjects in general, among others, which may be shown to people of all ages and academic levels.

In a short presentation for foreign delegates who attended the Cartagena Dialogue, in Puebla, an emphasis was made on climate change-related information. For instance, during the presentation it was mentioned -through an interactive globe- that only Spain uses more power than all Africa”.

“The aim is raising comprehensive awareness on what is going on in the planet. Children as well as scholars find significant information here. We have more than 250 subjects on climate worldwide”, expressed CarlosDíaz – Leal.

To know more about the Climate Surveillance center Casa de la Tierra, we share with you the following video made by the Youtube account of the Estatal Flor del Bosque Park, in Puebla:

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