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28-10-2014 Cop20 news

Minister of Environment, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, explains COP20 scope to San Borja residents


Lima, October 28th.-Withattendanceof hundreds of residents of San Borja, grouped in Neighborhood Councils, civil authorities and businessmen from the area, the Minister of the Environment, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal explained to the residents of this important capital district the preparations, scope and participation spaces of the Twentieth Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP20), to be held from the 1st to 12th December this year.

As is well known, the main COP20 venuewill be located at the Army Headquarters, in San Borja.

At a briefing, Pulgar-Vidal, also President of COP20/CMP10 thanked the San Borjaresidents and authorities, represented by Mayor Marco Alvarez Vargas, for all the support received towards the success of COP20, which is the largest international event that the country has organized.

He indicated that they have arranged for COP20 organization, logistics and operation to cause the least possible inconvenience to neighbors, and he reported that delegates from 195 countries will attend the meeting in Lima to produce a draft agreement for COP21, in closed negotiations and under the UN rules.
In relation to transport, he claimed that a “shuttle” system has been arranged to pick up the attendees from their hotels and take them to the Venue, as well as “green waves” of traffic lights to avoid further congestion in the streets of San Borja.

He explained that improvements will be madein the facilities of the Army Headquarters,i.e. a system of solid waste management, soil stabilization, an electrical substation with higher capacity, improvements in the wiring system, water pumps and “bladders” to store water, among others.

“There will be no parties or social events. Security measures are very strict and agglomerations will be prevented to avoid disturbing the peaceful life of neighbors; we want to prevent any discomfort. If any of you have any complaints,do not hesitate to contact us,we will respond immediately through the Burson Marsteller company, especially hired for that purpose; they will direct your complaints and concerns,”he said.

Pulgar-Vidal said that COP20 is a core issue for the country, as it will enable the entrance of clean technology for its development, and he explained that this event should be seen as an opportunity to be at the center of the global climate debate.

The briefing on COP20 was chaired by Marco Álvarez Vargas, the mayor of San Borja, with the participation of Eduardo Durand, General Director for Climate Change and responsible for COP20 organization and logistics, as well as Juan Manuel Calvi, from Burson Marsteller, the communications agency in charge of the local communication strategy.

After a round of consultations, the neighbors expressed their support for holding the COP20 meetings in their district and noted that they will make the necessary efforts for its success.

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