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21-10-2014 Cop20 news

Check how the COP20 Venue will look like

Progress is being made in assembling the facilities for the COP20 Climate Conference that Peru will host from December1st to 12th this year.
The development of facilities has been performed within the planned schedule, which ensures that they will be ready and fully operational on schedule, prior to the start of COP20.

For the time being, the assembly of metal structures is still taking place, with sunshades and panels on rooftops in lateral zones.
In addition, the construction will add a new power system that will be an input to the Army Headquarters, which has provided a large area for the development of this climate summit. Also,drinking water facilities will be strengthened.

The Twentieth Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (COP20) will bring together delegates from almost all countries in the world, civil society organizations, NGOs, observers and other persons, in order to negotiate what should be the climate agreementto be subscribed in 2015. The results of COP20 in Lima are essential for achieving this purpose, so President Humala has committed all his government leadership to that end.

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